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What's Gymcatch?

Gymcatch is a mobile platform for finding and booking fitness. Gymcatch makes fitness easy. You can book and pay for classes and appointments in a couple of clicks, find out what their friends are doing and what’s going on at your fitness provider and be notified when a place becomes free on a fully booked session. Gymcatch also rewards consumers for simply participating in fitness with great retail discounts.

Simply download the Gymcatch mobile app from the App Store or the Play Store or use our web app at Find and follow your fitness provider(s) and book and schedule classes and appointments, get instant updates and communications from your fitness provider and join the community around that business.

Where is Gymcatch available?

Gymcatch is currently available in the UK, Ireland, the USA and Australia.

Do I have to pay to use Gymcatch?

No, the Gymcatch apps are completely free to download and use.

Can I make a complaint against a fitness provider?

You are very welcome to let us know if you have a complaint about a fitness provider. The best way to do this is in app through the report button.

What are Gymcatch Partner Rewards?

Gymcatch Partner Rewards is a scheme to reward fitness. The more you do in the Gymcatch apps, the more points you earn which you can use to unlock offers from top brands. You can view rewards and see how you earn points from within the Gymcatch iOS, Android and Web apps.

Do you have any video tutorials?

Yes, these are available on our YouTube channel.


How do wait lists work?

Our wait lists work on a re-publishing basis. Once a place on an over-subscribed class or appointment becomes available, everyone on the wait list will get a notification with a link to the class. The first person to book will get the space. We use this system because it gets someone into a popular session more often than a first-in-line method.

What are the cancellation policies and terms for a class or appointment?

All sessions are subject to the cancellation policy provided by your fitness provider. If you aren’t sure about a cancellation policy, check with them before you book.

What is the difference between a Class and an Appointment?

There are two types of sessions on Gymcatch.

1) Classes = fixed time events.

2) Appointment windows allow you to book appointments with your provider during certain times. When a professional has an appointment window you can selected and book a slot that suits you within this window.

Why can’t I book an appointment because it's too close to the time of booking?

To ensure that your provider can still deliver last minute appointments we offer a buffer period so that your provider can confirm with you directly before booking.

Can I book multiple places on a session?

Yes. As long as your fitness provider has enabled multi-place bookings for the session then you can book additional places (subject to class space). Fitness providers can also configure whether packages can be used to book multiple places.

What if I need to cancel a booking?

The advantage of Gymcatch is that you are able to cancel in any of our iOS, Android or Web apps. The business will create a cancellation policy which will tell you what happens if you cancel.

Can Gymcatch help me get a refund?

No, you have to deal with your fitness provider yourself. We don’t have any way of helping you with this. All electronic cash refunds need to be processed by Stripe from your fitness providers Stripe Account.

How does Gymcatch handle in-app payments?

We use Stripe as our payment providers They are a large international payment provider and are used by a number of household names.

Can I pay using PayPal?

PayPal is coming soon. Contact us at and we can give you an update of when this will be available.

Can I get a refund for a class or appointment I’ve booked using a package?

If you are eligible for a refund your fitness provider can automate or manually re-credit the class. Gymcatch cannot provide refunds directly. See our terms and conditions for more on this.

Do I get notified when a class or appointment is changed or cancelled?

Yes and more. All your notifications are manages from your settings in app. You can choose to receive email or push notifications or both.

What are Packages?

Passes provide access to services for a certain period of time. Bundles allow access to fixed number of events (classes or appointments). Courses enable you to buy a block of specific sessions in one transaction.

My pass hasn’t expired but I can’t use it to book?

This might be because there is a cap on the number of classes or appointments you can buy with that pass. Alternatively your fitness provider may not have any eligible sessions in their schedule. Contact your fitness provider for assistance.

Why do Bundles need a time limit?

This helps your fitness provider plan ahead. It’s like a sell-buy date.

What’s Auto-Renew?

Auto-renew makes fitness even easier when buying passes. When you find a pass that suits you, just turn on auto-renew and when the pass expires we’ll automatically renew it for you. You can turn off auto-renew up to 12 hours before your renewal date.

Why can’t I buy the same Package I’ve bought previously?

This could be because your existing package has not expired. If so, you’ll need to wait until your existing package has expired before buying again. Alternatively, it could be because your provider has removed the package and it is no longer available for sale.

Can I buy more than one Package?

Yes you can buy multiple different packages.

Is my package eligible for all sessions at my fitness provider?

Not necessarily, the provider will decide which classes or appointments you can buy with your package. You can see which sessions you can buy with a package by clicking on your package and then looking at the sessions listed at the bottom of the screen.

If I cancel a session I have paid for with a Package can I get a refund?

Refunds are always subject to the fitness provider’s cancellation policy. But if you are eligible for a refund on a class or appointment that had been bought using a package, your fitness provider can provide a refund.

Can I cancel a session if it's part of a course?

Yes. You just cancel the booking in the normal way. Whether a cash refund or class credit (automated or manual) is due or issued will depend on the cancellation policy set by your fitness provider.